Edu Etxeberria

Meet Edu! 

Where are you from?

San Sebastian

Favourite place to surf?

Anywhere not crowded with friends and some big glassy waves. 
I love Confital point and some secret spots around the Basque Country

For people who don't know, what is your role in the Basque Team? 

 Orchestra Man!! I help the team and try to help everyone on the team to surf better. We train together, do video analysis, and bring lots of new people into the sport of surf kayaking. 

Tell us something people don't know about you?

Many things!
I started kayaking when i was 10 years old, and I never stopped.  I was in the Spanish Slalom National team for more than 10 years, been creek boating in Chile, Nepal, New Zealand, Uganda, Zimbabwee, USA, Canada, Costa Rica...

I made a circumnavigation along the Iberica Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in a sea kayak for more than 3 months.

I have competed in 5 freestyle world championships, my first one in 1993.

I surfed in some waveski world championships. In my last one I finished second in the Masters category after 11 x world champion, Rees Duncan. 

And I started in my first kayak surf worlds in 2005 in Costa Rica. Since then I have been lucky to win multiple world titles, but for me the best results is to know and meet people from everywhere who love the same things that I love.

I am very grateful with that!