Marc Woolward

Meet Marc! 


Having first paddled a kayak well into his 30s, surf kayaking has taken Marc all over the world. Marc is now based out of Bude where he is co-organizing the next World Championships in 2022 but often pops up in Santa Cruz in Northern California. Marc is an enthusiastic ambassador for the sport, and is stoked to be joining some of his best buddies on the Hobson Kayaks Team. 


Where are you from?

Originally East London where I didn’t really get much surf. When I moved to Brighton on the English Channel in 2001 I started messing around in kayaks in salty water for the first time. I found myself heading west (both UK and US) more frequently for waves and finally moved to Bude in Cornwall in 2014. In between I’ve spent several years of my life living in Santa Cruz where I was lucky enough to surf almost every day with Zach Boyd and Tree. 




4 times British Master HP Champion

Current World number 3 in Masters HP

2nd place in world championships more times than I can count with team England

Finalist in Open HP at Santa Cruz Paddlefest twice


Favourite place to surf?

I like steep, heavy, rampy beachbreaks. Moss Landing and Waddell Creek in the Santa Cruz area are 2 very special places to me, absolutely world class beachbreaks on their day.  My home beach, Crooklets in Bude can get every bit as fun as heavy as those Norcal spots and is home to many of the best surfers of all types in UK.