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Aug 25

Fusion Review By Darragh Walsh


My first thoughts when picked up the Fusion was the build quality. Chris always builds a quality boat and Its super light. When I sat in the Fusion, I was surprised at the amount of leg room it had. I have surfed quite a few different IC surf kayaks and this is by far the roomiest. At a push I’m 5’8” and a bit so I don’t have a problem fitting in most boats, but spare a thought for those lanky people. I’m ashamed to say it but due to my short legs I use all 3-foot blocks that come with the kayak and another 25mm foot block. So, it will definitely fit taller and larger people with comfort. I use a belt to strap myself in. It’s a nice option to have those nice shiny stainless belt anchors bonded into your boat when it’s getting made. The Fusion has great rails and the perfect amount of rocker, which makes the boat fast and manoeuvrable. In the past I have struggled getting to grips with different IC kayaks, I’d find myself running down the line not being able to turn easily or in others IC boats I’d find myself surfing sideways or backwards. But that is a thing of the past, from the first wave I took in the Fusion it screamed down the line and turned with ease. It has the speed to make the section which is another thing that frustrated me with other kayaks. Paddling out in large surf is easy and fast, the boat easily makes it way out over large white water. All in all, this has been the most fun I have had in a kayak in years. So, a big thank you to Chris and Jem for creating this fantastic surf kayak.