Construction and Pricing

Constructions Comparison

At Hobson Kayaks, we pride ourselves in designing and hand building the highest quality surf kayaks right here in the UK. We pride ourselves on quality and consistency, which is why we only use the best available materials every time.

All of our kayaks are:

  • Laminated with a high density foam core in the hull, for improved stiffness and strength

  • All Epoxy hull and deck, for increased strength, and weight reduction

  • Dual Seamed for a stronger connection between the hull and Deck

  • Reinforced in the common 'damage' areas to give you the strongest and most robust kayak possible.


Hybrid Construction

This is the basic construction that is the superior economic and performance option for recreational surfing, development and learning.



Competition Construction

High-quality construction, prepared for high performance. Main features are: stiffness and impact resistance.



Elite Construction

Construction with an excellent performance level because of its extreme stiffness and strength. Those features are possible because of the high-technology that we use in the moulding process. Ideal for high end competition, radical riding, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a surf kayak. 


What is Armour Protection?

Armour Protection is an additional layer applied to the hull to increase long-term durability, repairability and strength of the hull on your kayak.
We would recommend it when you surf mainly pebble beaches, reef breaks, or have a rough entry and exit to the sea. 
Armour Protection adds 700 grams to the weight of your kayak.

Custom Outfitting Service

When collecting your new Hobson Kayak, why not book an appointment, and have us carefully outfit your kayak to fit you perfectly, right here in our workshop!

Colour Schemes

There are a large selection of colour schemes and patterns included in the price of your new kayak. However, should you want something extra special, there is the option to upgrade to a premium design. Please contact us regarding costs.


Colour Band Pricing



  • Band A - £0 

  • Band B - £50

  • Band C - £100

  • Band D - £150



  • Band A - £20

  • Band B - £50

  • Band C - £75

  • Band D - £100


Glitter £20+


Please contact for price on your perfect colour scheme.

Our Promise

All of our kayaks come certified and quality control checked, guaranteeing you a top quality surf kayak that will stand the test of time. 

All of our kayaks are handcrafted in the UK.