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Snapping everything back into focus...


Designed in collaboration with Jem Howe


Design Template


    7’5” long x 24+ 3/4” wide 226cm long x 62.7cm wide
    Volume 190 litres 95kgs approximate maximum paddler weight


    Get ready to push the limits of what you thought was possible! Drive, manoeuvrability, stability and control, the Enigma will blow your mind!!

    Combining many of the features of a cutting edge wave ski, this high performance kayak is intended to put a huge smile on your face. With sharp rails for drive and speed, combined with a gently rolled hull for looseness going rail to rail, it will turn off the bottom and top with control and poise.

    The bevelled rail will further increase your ability to change direction, and the concave sides allow hold in critical sections. All this combined with a gentle channelled V tail will give that little extra directional stability and confidence on bigger waves.


    Key Design Features

    • Rounded pin tail
    • Tight, bevelled rails
    • Channelled V hull tail
    • Comfort and Performance orientated seating position
    • Deck features for strengthing and design
    • Thruster fin setup

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