Reach your Apex... 


Designed in collaboration with Jem Howe.


Design Template


    8'10 long x 24 +3/4” wide 271cm long x 60.25cm wide
    Volume 190litres 110kgs approximate maximum paddler weight

    Whether hunting big waves or small, easy surfing or ultimate high performance.... The Apex will do it all.

    The 'Do it all' surf kayak. Equally suitable for both beginners and experts. Borrowing design cues from the competition successful Fusion long boat, we have developed a shorter, high performance surf kayak.

    A longer hull allows this boat to catch waves easier on small days ensuring maximum wave count, and get you into the wave earlier on big days keeping you out of trouble, surfing faster and having more fun than everyone else.

    Tight rails combined with a tri fin setup for bite and drive, concaved sides to maintain volume but increase hold, and the channeled 'V' diamond tail to shorten the rail line and create a natural break line that quickly sheds water for effortless release.

    If you want one kayak to do it all, a kayak that is stable, forgiving and fun, Yet offers speed, maneuverability and exhilaration, You want The Apex.


    Key Design Features

    • Diamond tail
    • Tight rails
    • Channelled V hull tail
    • Comfort and Performance orientated seating position
    • Deck features for strengthing and design

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PriceFrom £1,350.00