The Prodigy

Designed in collaboration with Jem Howe



    7’4” long x 23.5” wide

    228cm long x 60cm wide
    Volume 170 litres  82kgs approximate maximum paddler weight

    The Prodigy

    This high performance low volume surf kayak is here to change the game for the smaller riders amongst us. There is a lot going on with the design on this beauty, so lets start with the hull. Featuring a 'V' nose for a more forgiving initiation into critical lip turns and make landings easier to stick, this V transitions a into an aggressive single concave hitting its deepest under the riders centre of gravity for raw speed and paddling ability where you most need it. This then makes a more subtle change into a more conservative double concave for a bit more tail hold and to help water exit from the squashed tail.


    The generous facetted rails allow easy 'rail to rail' manoeuvrability to compensate for the sharp rails, designed to extract every bit of energy out of the wave face.


    The Deck, with its slick, no nonsense outline promotes easy water flow and predictability, as well as a super comfortable seating position, with plenty of foot room. All together, this should give you the ultimate wave riding experience!!

    Key Design Features

    • High performance low volume surf kayak
    • 'V' to single concave to double concave hull
    • Squashed tail
    • Sharp, faceted rails
    • Comfort and Performance orientated seating position
    • Deck features for strengthing and design
    • Thruster fin setup

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