Traditional Design, Modern Approach. The International Class Evolved! 


Designed in collaboration with Jem Howe.


Design Template


    9'11+3/4” long x 24 +3/4” wide 303cm long x 60.25cm wide
    Volume 220litres 115kgs approximate maximum paddler weight


    The Fusion is the craft that will revolutionize the International Class of Surfkayaks. At the end of the day, its all about the rail game in these speed machines. By sharpening the rails, we have given it more bite and drive. The concave sides have allowed us to keep the volume but increased the hold and control for riding the most hollow waves.The Fusion has given the international class a new lease of life. By fusing high performance surf kayak features, with the international class design, we have built a game changer!

    To increase the tail release, we have shortened the rail line by incorporating a diamond tail. This creates a natural break line that quickly sheds water for effortless release.

    The tip of the diamond creates stability, incorporated with the gentle channelled V hull tail.


    Key Design Features

    • Diamond tail
    • Tight rails
    • Channelled V hull tail
    • Comfort and Performance orientated seating position
    • Deck features for strengthing and design

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PriceFrom £1,350.00